The Program

Your possibilities become apparent immediately upon beginning our program. This is due to the strong ties and alliances that the Oriska Jobs and Careers Center has formed with the New York State Departments of Labor and Education and with contractors willing to grant continuing education and on-the-job apprenticeship programs to those individuals the Center has qualified.

Qualified Training

Still001Working with the New York State Departments of Labor and Education, along with State University of New York (SUNY) Maritime College, the Oriska Jobs and Careers Center’s program for on-the-Job training and related classroom instruction allows training in the following skilled construction trades: carpentry, plumbing, steam and pipe fitter, Mason, steelworker, roofer, operating engineer, electrician, and skilled laborer. The state’s public acknowledgement validates the program and the possibilities created for all workers. Today OJCC is expanding its programs to include many new industries like Mechatronics and Renewable & Sustainable Energy.

Apprenticeships with Qualified Contractors

Still002The Oriska Jobs and Careers Center also forged partnerships with major contractors involved in large-scale public works projects so our students can command real wages while they receive on-the-job training. Qualify for our program and you could be like Al Colen, who began the program as a Bricklayer and Mason. He was placed with the Atlas Roll Off, Inc. construction firm to help refurbish the Holland Tunnel. He helped complete a job which was originally scheduled to take two years in only nine months. Today he still works at Atlas Roll Off, Inc. Make his story your story.

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